Recent Additions


January 29, 2012:
Added some recent pictures to the site.

May 29, 2011:
Removed the empty sets, I will add them when they are populated. Also, I have changed the way the pictures are displayed in order to maximize the viewing area on mobile devices.

January 26, 2011:
I have added the Doel: A deserted village documentary set.

July 23, 2010:
Finally added the much needed Comments functionality to the photo sets. You can see how it looks underneath any active photo set, but also below. It was a considerable effort to get it just right, using a combination of XHTML, Ajax, PHP, MySQL and JQuery. Let me know what you think of it please. You can of course use the comment facility to do so :-).

July 18, 2010:
Made some adjustments to the main page and some other pages.
Added the Portals series to the site.

December 2009:
Launch of the site. Sampler gallery online.


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