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January 29, 2012:
Added some recent pictures to the site.

May 29, 2011:
Removed the empty sets, I will add them when they are populated. Also, I have changed the way the pictures are displayed in order to maximize the viewing area on mobile devices.

January 26, 2011:
I have added the Doel: A deserted village documentary set.

July 23, 2010:
Finally added the much needed Comments functionality to the photo sets. You can see how it looks underneath any active photo set, but also below. It was a considerable effort to get it just right, using a combination of XHTML, Ajax, PHP, MySQL and JQuery. Let me know what you think of it please. You can of course use the comment facility to do so :-).

July 18, 2010:
Made some adjustments to the main page and some other pages.
Added the Portals series to the site.

December 2009:
Launch of the site. Sampler gallery online.


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Kathy Rappaport
23-Apr-2011 06:49

Hi Cem.

Just a note to tell you I stopped in.

James Newman
24-Jun-2011 20:18

Hello Cem. I was led here by a post from Asher on OPF and I am glad for that. I am very happy that you have continued on in your artistic endeavors. The hard work really shows and pays off in your images.
23-May-2012 03:13

I came here because I've been reading the openphotographyforums and although I am not a member I have seen several of your photos and thought that you are quite talented. So glad I found your website and can see more of your pics. Just wanted to take a moment to say how gorgeous they are.
28-May-2012 14:11

Hi Cem, i was just reading all about the time you had to make a decission weather to buy the 70-200mm f4 IS or the 70-200 f2.8 IS and you went for the f4. I am now in the same situation and still can't come to the conclusion of which one to buy with the cost not being a major factor. I am looking into more of wildlife, birds but not especially sports but may do some and landscapes and portraits. What was your main reason for going with the f2.8 IS in the end? Thanks in advance. You have some fantastic shots :o)
29-May-2012 09:04

Hi Maggie, Mike,
Thanks a lot for your kind comments, appreciated.

@Mike: I will send an email to you about the lenses. May be a few days though.
29-May-2012 09:38

Hi Cem, that would be greatly appreciated :o)
Aydin Sakar
03-Feb-2014 02:01

Kusura bakma, bu kadar guzel fotograflar cektiginin farkinda degildim. Ellerine saglik.

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