This is a sampler set of my photography. It is built up subjectively, based on my personal preferences. The photos are not sorted nor grouped into themes although it may look that way. Please keep in mind that this is not a complete reference but it should give you a good idea of what awaits you in my photo sets. Please click on a picture to view a larger version of it.

Please let me have your comments and/or critique on this photo set or any particular photo.

Jan Smith
09-Aug-2010 13:49


I often visit your website when I'm in need of inspiration, you have a keen eye for detail and create photographs which provoke thought & invite interpretation, admirable skills! The ones which stand out to me are Sunshine, Reflections, Cellar Window, Cabinet in an old warehouse, Chair and ivy window.

I'm looking forward to seeing more new work soon.....
Tamara Welschot
29-Jul-2011 06:30

Hi Cem,

I love the use of colors and/or the effect of light in your photographs.

Peter Dyke
21-Oct-2011 19:44

My favourite is "Watching the ships go by". The cool wind, the textures, the simple colour groups ...
Ali Riza SARAL
29-Jan-2012 10:23

I loved the 'Skating a Way' it made me remember one of Pieter BRUEGEL's pictures. It's fascinating how a renaissance mind looks at the same subject in comparison with Cem's...

I am also stunned at the 'Into the Sea'. What surprises me is how this 'meaning' could be materialized as a real life picture. Very enjoyable works Cem, thanks.
Antonio Correia
24-Feb-2012 20:02

A good and nice set of images :)
Marianne Harnisch
27-Jun-2013 11:39

Cem, mijn complimenten. Wat een prachtige foto's!
06-Dec-2014 09:09

Cem, çok güzeller

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