The portals project has come into existence gradually and is still a work in progress. I have always felt the need to create images which makes us think about our existence and how each decision along the way changes it. And how paradoxical this can be. Here you'll find that this question being portrayed, by showing crossroads in somebody's/something's journey and the possible paths one can take (or not). The decisive moment is frozen by the picture, it is up to the looker to imagine how it will continue.

Please let me have your comments and/or critique on this photo set or any particular photo. Kindly provide an email address if you want to be contacted, it will be visible only to me. Thanks a lot.

Asher Kelman
23-Jul-2010 22:13


Seeing the Portal collection today, on this page, is a great pleasure and to me a confirmation of "The qualities of questioning of our diverse paths in life", that your pictures evoke. This ability to photograph the "ordinary" and also seemingly unrelated subjects and yet have a single underlying motif is the mark of the unique quality of thematic intent. This characteristic most of us lack and so our pictures can be all over the place and lack focus. To find such an individual path guided by deep and fundamental inquiry, as to our place in all dimensions of existence, is remarkable! Indeed, you cover different cultures and time spans, the mind of a child we see and the meditation of monks, we must imagine.

I must admit, I take a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure discovering that your important project is continuing to bear fruit.

Asher Kelman
Jarmo Juntunen
06-Oct-2010 17:44

Hi Cem!

I do love this series! The way in which you take rather a common subject and turn it into a fascinating study of options really shows your talent and vision.
24-Jun-2012 17:28

Really great photos.Tesekkur ederim.

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